Friday, March 27, 2009

Stupid Taxi Driver

this was my encounter with a very rude and simply obnoxious taxi driver

yesterday, after work did some marketing. as usual bought milk formula and diapers for my little hero at home. anyway, as some of you know, i work at parkway parade. i hitched a cab (a yellow tab spacewagon kinda cab) to go back home.

while the apek drove off, i asked him if he had change for $50, and from his reply, i don't think he had any, so i mad a suggestion; for him to send me back to jalan damai, wait awhile while i go up to drop-off the marketing things and fetch my son and then send me off to my mum's place and chai chee road. he kept mum. i asked him whether it was ok for him, cos i had other taxi drivers who really do not like the idea of waiting and sending on transit, and this apek had agreed initially.

so i reached my home, went up to drop-off the things. aiman was awake, so i then rushed to change his clothes but later found out he poo-ed so i had to wash him up and then change him. after making his drinks i went down to find the taxi driver out of his cab and grumbling.

he claimed to have wanted to look for me but dunno where i lived (duh!)
and he claimed, i said i was going to be minute, but in the end i took almost more than 5minutes. i looked at him then i looked at my son and i looked back at him.

this was how the conversation went...

"aiyah you so long one ah! you said 1 minute. now more than 5 minutes already"

"i told u in advance to wait awhile. i had to go up to get my son ready and change him"
(can't he see how small my son is. wat! he expects my son to change himself is it?!"

"should have told you to pay me first ah. if you run how?"

this time, i was pissed off already. i'm here aren't i?
"well i'm here aren't i? i didn't run right? why r u still grumbling?"

"too many times i kena. i wait people run"

"i'm not that kind!"

"how i know?"

"wey uncle, if u had too many times pple doing this to you, then next time you should not do this transit journeys!"

"yah! i don't want to do anymore!"

anyway, i asked you in advance just now right? i asked u twice some more, can or not? if cannot jus say cannot la!"

then he kept on grumbling

and i said: "uncle, just keep quiet la ok? i dont want to argue with you! i tell u ah, your customer service sucks!!!"

and he had the nerve to answer me back, " i also dont want to argue with you la miss"

i was so pissed off by then
even when we alighted from the cab, my son actually said bye bye
i pulled aiman away and told him," this kind of pple not worth you greet them. very rude!" and i walked away

i really think that the government should train these taxi drivers some courtesy.
come to think of it.. apa? mak bapak dia tak ajar kape?

kalau aku tau mana2 forum aku bleh make complaint abt memang aku buat punye
any of you know how, do update me.
i even took down his plate number. pak kal takde nama dia
TIME: BTW 6.30PM - 7.05PM